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Professional introduction

        Geotechnical Engineering Test Experimental Center
        Geotechnical Engineering Test Experimental Center, composed with Geotechnical Engineering lab, building materials lab, landslide lab, landslide monitoring and forecasting group and imported field mobile lab, is a comprehensive testing center with first-rate technique and advanced testing measures. The main equipments are dynamic and static triaxial shear apparatus, atom absorbing apparatus, automatic X-ray diffractometer, universal material tester, ring shear apparatus, direct shear apparatus, pulse EKKO ground penetrating radar, inclinometer, telemeter, data collective meter, landslide mechanism model test slut and imported field mobile lab.

Loess and Ground Foundation
Loess and ground foundation: it is mainly engaged in basic property of loess, technique of road construction in loess area, determination of ground parameter, stabilization of building foundation and research of disaster control. The publication of <Research and Practice of Railway Engineering in Loess Area> provides technique service for constructing Zhengzhou-Xi’an Special Passenger Line in loess area.

        Desert and Environmental Engineering Geology 
Desert and Environmental Engineering Geology: it mainly researches transferring law of wind and sand and its damage to railway subgrade, design theory and engineering prevention measures for railway through desert and environmental engineering geology evaluation. It is capable of undertaking research and development project of land development in desert and desertification area, environmental treatment and sand disaster treatment of engineering construction.

        Fissured clay and Subgrade Disaster Control
Fissured clay and Subgrade Disaster Control: it can mainly undertake research and technical development of basic engineering property of fissured clay and disaster control technique. The field engineering mobile lab imported in 90s of 20 century is well equipped and capable of undertaking drill, sampling, geotechnical test, foundation parameter determination, engineering site assessment and engineering structural inspection.

        Landslide and High Slope Disaster Research and Control
        Landslide and high slope disaster research and control: it is mainly engaged in the following research and technical development fields: mechanism, distribution and classification of landslide, mechanical property of soil in sliding zone, test technique, prediction and forecast and control measures. The large-scale anti-slide structure model lab, well equipped and universal in function, is capable of undertaking test of landslide mechanism and anti-slide structure model. <Landslide Law and its control> wins the third prize of the National Natural Science.

        Engineering Frozen Soil and Salt Lake Research
Engineering Frozen Soil and Salt Lake Research: it is one of the research institution which studies engineering frozen and salt lake earlier in China. It is specialized in research of basic engineering characteristics of frozen soil, engineering geological condition and subgrade construction technique in frozen and salt lake. The long term field observation station, the only one in China, and subgrade test engineering are established at 4750 m above sea level on Qinghai-Tibet plateau.

       Environmental Prevention and Environmental Evaluation
Environmental Prevention Company is mainly engaged in environmental research, development and application and dissemination of prevention technique and its products. The company can transform research achievements into products in time. Research achievements of the Company are rewarded in several times. The researched and developed devices are cited as new technique dissemination achievement of the MOR and are recommended by Gansu Provincial Environmental Prevention Products Society.

       Cultural Relics and Buildings Rectification
It is mainly engaged in controlling environment around cultural relics (landslides, mudslides, Cliff collapse, subsidence of Foundation and other geological disaster), geotechnical heritage site protection, carvings and cave temples stabilization, rectification and etc. At present, a number of technical aspects of the work have reached advanced domestic level. At the same time, also can undertake monitoring, the protection of cultural relics of ancient architecture mapping project feasibility study and conservation planning, protection engineering testing and evaluation techniques  

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