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       Northwest Research Institute Co., Ltd. of China Railway Engineering Corporation  (abbreviated as China Railway Northwest Institute) was founded in 1961 and is under the administration of China Academy of Railway Sciences. In January of 2000, the institute, as one of the 143 reformed units with national second batch of science and technology system, has reformed to enterprise and joined the China Railway Engineering Corporation. On Dec. 26, 2005 our institute has reformed to Company Ltd. The institute is second-class member unit under China Railway Engineering Corporation which ranks number 95 of World top 500 brands in construction enterprise. In December 2007, as a member of China Railway Group Limited in Shanghai and Hong Kong is listed at the same time.
        Northwest Research Institute Co., Ltd. of China Railway Engineering Corporation stands as a professional research institute engaged mainly in special geological subgrade, geological disaster control, important application theory and disaster control engineering measures. The institute,passed ISO9001 standard quality system authentication,is a comprehensive scientific and technical enterprise including research, survey, design, experiment, engineering monitoring, construction,  environmental protection and environmental evaluation. The institute is equipped with a large-scale landslide mechanism and landslide control engineering structural laboratory, geotechnical engineering lab, low temperature lab, advanced testing devices. There are eight professional research fields in the institute, they are landslide and high slope, permafrost and salt lake, loess and foundation, desert and environmental engineering geology, fissure clay (expensive soil), environmental protection and water treatment, culture relic stabilization and building rectify and geotechnical testing. It carries out on the principle of taking scientific research as priority, science and technology development as pillar and diversified business as supplement.
        The institute, associated closely with railway, transportation and geological disaster control fields, has achieved about 300 research achievements including the prizes of the State Natural Sciences, the State Scientific and Technological Progress, and ministry and province-level prizes. Most of the achievements are directly used in engineering practice. In the past years, the institute has fulfilled about 2000 projects in consultation, survey, design, construction, testing of geological disaster control and special geological subgrade (ground) disaster treatment for railway, road, national defense, hydro-electricity, coal, metallurgy, city construction and cultural relic protection and stabilization. The institute has undertaken supervision of more than ten national key projects such as Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Qinghai-Tibet Railway,Zhengzhou-Xi’an Passenger Special Line, Haerbin-Dalian Railway, Shijiazhuang-Wuhan Passenger Special Line, Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway, the second Lanzhou-Xinjiang double railway, Yaoqiang International Airport and Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Line etc. Wholly- owned subsidiary “Gansu Tieke Construction Engineering Consultation Co., Ltd.” is one of supervision units which are designated the first group of 11 excellent and large scale supervision units in the railway system by the MOR.
        Northwest Research Institute Co., Ltd. of China Railway Engineering Corporation has an Expert Committee composed by several experts, It is staffed with 389 skilled technicians, among them 4 are teacher of doctoral degree postgraduate, 11 are teacher of master’s degree postgraduate and 290 are high scientific and technological expert. “Landslide Control Expert Committee of Consulting Center in China Science Society and Gansu Rock and Mechanics Engineering Society” that represents high level of landslide control technique are under the administration of our institute. The institute has published 58 speciality publications and translated publications such as “Landslide Analysis and Control” and etc., the journal of “Proceeding of Landslide” edited by the institute cause attention of colleagues both at home and abroad. Northwest Research Institute of China Railway Engineering Corporation has established technical cooperation and academic exchange with USA, Russia, Canada, Japan and etc. and stands very high in the international geotechnical field. The institute is awarded “the nation advanced Basic-level party organization”, “The State May-Day Labor Certificate”, “Prize of China architectural engineering Luban”, “The Locomotive Prize”, state-levels, the province departmental level honor and so on successively.
        The institute will enlarge its running scope and enhance its staff training so as to make the institute a large competitive international enterprise. With the enterprise spirit of “innovation to promote development and honest to make achievements” the institute will do our best to make great contribution for geological disaster control and national economical development. With strong support of Leaders at all levels and our friends we will make the more brilliant.
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